Let’s see… I left the casita @ 9 for yoga & didn’t get back until 6. I did yoga (very cute Mexican guy… lots of shoulder stuff, which I thought was my good point. Guess not.) Then went to brunch w/amiga P .  Lots of papaya & a sweet tamale? All for $10.

Then, to the Bonanza mini mart. You really CAN get anything there. It just goes on & on.

Then to the library, where Kathleen caught me & put me to work (I’d skipped out 2 wks running, so I owed her.)

Then rushed to LifePath Center for an Intro to Enneagrams class.

Then to the dentist, to find out he had some sort of emergency & can’t see me for 2 wks??? (Ayyy!)

Then to Mega, to get some wine, cheese & coffee filters…

Then home w/a crazy cab driver who gave me his cell # so he can come teach me to make Margaritas. (He doesn’t speak English, I don’t speak Spanish, but we both speak Margarita.) He’s #1 son’s  age, so no worries.

Tomorrow: Tues market, where I really need to find some sweatpants. Then a class in “How not to fall down & break your ankle.” by a Feldenkrais practitioner (seriously) Then, Women’s night out @ Wooly Kabis (whatever that is) with 2 for 1 national drinks (whatever those are.) and free botanas (don’t even ask.)

One Response to “Monday…”

  1. Brad says:

    Today is yesterday’s tomorrow (I stole that) and we want to know about almost everything (not the sweatpants). How was the somatic education? There is one Feldenkrais practitioner in PT and the concept sounds fascinating. What are Mexico’s national drinks as presented by experts? And how were the snacks? And especially – what is Wooly Kabis? I googled that and guess what – you made number one. Your post was the only return using those two words from the whole entire world-wide web. Is there a Wikipedia entry in the wings?