Off to Sayulita!

Sayulita’s a little fishing/surfer community down the coast. We’re heading off in about an hour.

I did find some espresso in Guayabitos,  so I’ll be ok now.

Here are pix from yesterday

Fun stuff (I know it’s not Fri, but I’ve been saving them for you.)

Rethinking Everything Magazine– You know how I said this might be my “theme” this yr? Someone beat me to it!

Weird Shoes Collection (Suggested by Brad O, my favorite enabler!)

Foodie Book Group– Isn’t this a great idea? And a terrific reading list.

Just Because… There, don’t you feel better? I know I do.

Gotta dash- Hasta luego!

One Response to “Off to Sayulita!”

  1. Brad says:

    I love the “Just Because.” I was so intent on taking bows that I dropped the laptop (no lap when you’re up bowing). Thank goodness I’m an Apple freak – they are SO durable. The applause continued uninterrupted. 😉