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TGIF #14 and Whales!

Friday, January 15th, 2010
Humpback Whale Tail

Humpback Whale Tail

We were @ Rincon de Guayabitos (there, I finally got the name right) during whale migration, so of course, many of us wanted to see the whales. The main “whale watching” tours were on a Mexican Party Boat, complete with very loud sound system & lots of teenage mexican staff in pink shirts- oh and a bar.

So our fearless leader negotiated a date & time when we “Canadians” (anyone who is not Mexican in Guayabitos is Canadian, including Germans) could enjoy a peaceful whale watching tour, with our own guide doing the honors (It was a little suspicious that the staff didn’t seem to know or care much about whales, but were very good at mixing drinks & dancing.)

We all get out to the boat (including our two nonagenarians) to find that the staff had not gotten the memo, and was regaling us w/margaritas, cervezas, and Mexican rap music sure to drive every self-respecting humpback to Antarctica. The problem was resolved after a few minutes, and we actually did see a pod of 5 whales much closer than is normal. More pix here.

OK, Friday fun, to start your weekend right:


Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Sayulita Beach 1/2010

Well, poor David, our fearless tour leader, nearly had a mutiny on his hands, when it came time to leave. Most of us were deep in conversation about how to skip the rest of the tours & get back here.

Sayulita is just terrific. I’m sure old-timers are appalled at how commercialized it is, but for the rest of us… well, we have nothing to compare it to, so we like it now.

There were a couple of most-time residents in the plaza explaining some of the school, recycling & public projects going on, and they were happy to clue us in to the best restaurants, and where the “iguana tree” was. We wandered around for a while, just soaking it in (and hearing more reggae outside of Jamaica than you’d believe), dodging surfers & 4 wheel drives, & hiking up mostly dirt roads.

The crafts here were of a higher caliber than I’ve seen for a while, but most of the shopkeepers were native English speakers, at least downtown, and the prices reflected that.

Lunch was @ the “Original Sayulita Fish Taco,” and the mango salsa was unbelievable. They have a specifically tequila bar, and unlike many Mexican margaritas, these were not too sweet. (We caught one guy adding Fresca the other night! Sacrilege!)

After lunch, we repaired to a beach, rented lounges & fended off vendors. (Except for J, who ended up buying 2 beautiful pareos. She, like me, has a weakness for things that sparkle.

I’ll be plotting my return…

Lots of pix here.

Off to Sayulita!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Sayulita’s a little fishing/surfer community down the coast. We’re heading off in about an hour.

I did find some espresso in Guayabitos,  so I’ll be ok now.

Here are pix from yesterday

Fun stuff (I know it’s not Fri, but I’ve been saving them for you.)

Rethinking Everything Magazine– You know how I said this might be my “theme” this yr? Someone beat me to it!

Weird Shoes Collection (Suggested by Brad O, my favorite enabler!)

Foodie Book Group– Isn’t this a great idea? And a terrific reading list.

Just Because… There, don’t you feel better? I know I do.

Gotta dash- Hasta luego!

Fri AM @ Guayabito

Friday, January 8th, 2010
Agave Fields, Nayarit

Agave Fields, Nayarit

Wow, what a beautiful trip yesterday. At one (or several points) we were on the tequila route, flanked by fields of blue agave plants.

The soil & vegetation kept changing, and it was more than a bit disconcerting to know that I really couldn’t name much of the crops or orchards or any of the trees. Not too much wildlife, although I did see a big lizard (like dachsund size) sitting on a rock & once thought I saw a ground squirrel.

I don’t think I’ve taken a bus trip since college, and this was quite different. Very nice bus, very nice folks, and what was a 6 hr drive passed very easily.

Yes, pretty much everyone is older than I am; that’s what I get for impersonating a retired person. But most of their attitudes (and frankly their physical conditions, b/c  they live in SMA) are “younger” than mine. So I’ll be plying them w/margaritas & trying to get the secret out of them. (Then I’ll write an ebook about it, sell it on my blog- complete with testimonials- for $19.95 & retire for real. Problem solved.)

Gosh, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to wake up with NO BLANKETS and hear the ocean just outside. It may be overcast, but it’s WARM & that’s fine with me.

Only problems Mexican staff does not take coffee seriously.  When we say have the coffee ready at 8m we don’t mean almost 9. Oh, and I need to get some bug spray muy pronto.

I thought I had screwed up & forgotten my camera to computer tether, but just found a place where the little card thing goes in. (Yes, I’m talking techie again.) Anyway, I’ll be able to share photos as I go, so that will be a good thing. Here’s the first batch.

Today is a free day in Guayabitos, which is nice b/c it’ll allow me to find all the seafood restaurants & surfer shops in town. And please please let there be an espresso stand. Tomorrow is Sayulita, and later on will be PV & San Blas, but those are all optional & there’s quite a bit of lazing around @ the hotel (We stay in this hotel the whole time, no packing up until we leave!)

Found a really good restaurant next door that serves excellent margaritas & seafood that’s crazy-good. Last night I had coconut shrimp. MMM…. I shared some, brought home leftovers (I totally scored & have a little kitchen in my room instead of just a fridge.) But then woke up @ 4 AM & ate the rest of them!