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I need a vacation!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

So I’m heading to the coast for a week. It’s turned cold & overcast here (the cognoscenti say that’s normal for Jan, but I didn’t get the memo), so it’s the perfect time for a road trip.

This really is last minute (I just found out about it @ yoga this AM, & didn’t get back here to the casita until 9:30 PM. I leave @ 7AM, and most of my clothes are at the laundry…)

Will get to see Guaybitos (where we’re staying ) w/side trips to Sayulita, Puerto Vallarta & San Blas. A whole new part of MX to explore! And it  looks like whale watching season!!

They say we’ll have internet in the lobby, so I’m bringing the computer… We’ll see. Will try to keep you all posted. Have the camera & charger packed already, never fear.

Now need to pack…  Hmm… I’ll bet they have clothes over there, too.

Happy 3 Kings Day!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Rosca de Reyes- 3 Kings Cake

If you follow the church calendar, this is Epiphany (the day the 3 wise guys showed up.) It’s a big holiday here, celebrated w/rosca de reyes, tamales & hot chocolate.

In Mexico, this is the primary gift-giving day & the last of the winter fiestas. Which means that my main street is now a mercado zone- there are little stores covered with tarps selling all manner of things, but mostly toys for kids.

OK, follow-up from yesterday:

I skipped the Tues Market… yesterday’s yoga left me sore in places I didn’t know I had. And I can do w/out sweats for another wk. (BTW, remind me to tell you about Tues Market. It’s not the usual shopping expedition!)

Went to the Feldenkrais lecture/demo. No, I was not the sample patient. But I was very impressed w/the non-exercises we did. Yes, they did actually make a difference. Really liked Richard Adelman, our Feldenkrais guy here. (Former long-term Berkeley resident & bongo drum teacher. Sounds like PT, doesn’t it?)  He made the theory understandable, and the non-exercises bore out his assertions.  As he says, it’s counter-intuitive, but it works. I may check into having a session or two with him.

A Wooly Kabis is a fancy restaurant with a fancy bar. Lots of women; the only men present were waiters & the occasional itinerant mariachi band. National drinks are: cerveza, margaritas (rocks or frozen), tequila, rum or vodka. (I guess if you’re Russian, vodka is a nat’l drink. I did not see any Russians in Wooly Kabis.) Botanas (snacks) are: popcorn with the first round, nachos w/the 2nd round, & who knows what for round 3. Having never been to a ladies’ night @ a bar, it was an interesting experience.

Had a fun talk w/my cab driver on the way home. NO, he did not offer to teach me to make national drinks. I’m starting to think of the cab rides as cheap Spanish conversation classes.


Monday, January 4th, 2010

Let’s see… I left the casita @ 9 for yoga & didn’t get back until 6. I did yoga (very cute Mexican guy… lots of shoulder stuff, which I thought was my good point. Guess not.) Then went to brunch w/amiga P .  Lots of papaya & a sweet tamale? All for $10.

Then, to the Bonanza mini mart. You really CAN get anything there. It just goes on & on.

Then to the library, where Kathleen caught me & put me to work (I’d skipped out 2 wks running, so I owed her.)

Then rushed to LifePath Center for an Intro to Enneagrams class.

Then to the dentist, to find out he had some sort of emergency & can’t see me for 2 wks??? (Ayyy!)

Then to Mega, to get some wine, cheese & coffee filters…

Then home w/a crazy cab driver who gave me his cell # so he can come teach me to make Margaritas. (He doesn’t speak English, I don’t speak Spanish, but we both speak Margarita.) He’s #1 son’s  age, so no worries.

Tomorrow: Tues market, where I really need to find some sweatpants. Then a class in “How not to fall down & break your ankle.” by a Feldenkrais practitioner (seriously) Then, Women’s night out @ Wooly Kabis (whatever that is) with 2 for 1 national drinks (whatever those are.) and free botanas (don’t even ask.)

Website overhaul in progress

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Just wanted to let you all know that with the new year, I’ve decided to take my blog a little more seriously.

Now, it’s still top secret, so don’t tell your friends & family about this blog. It’s just between us, right? I don’t want any scenes like Julie & Julia, where I come home to find myself inundated w/interview requests. You know that would send me running for a panic room.

But I’ve cleaned up the sidebar a little, deleted a few categories, etc. So it doesn’t look so messy. And, at the suggestion of Brad O, my faithful commenter, I added an “About Me” at the bottom, with a picture (not a close-up!) and an email contact.

BTW, for all of you who aren’t commenting, here’s how it works. I’m getting a LOT of spam comments from Russians selling Viagra. At the bottom, under each message is a Comment link, click that.  The FIRST time you leave a comment,  the message will go to me to be approved before it shows. It asks for your email to prove that you’re real; that won’t show on your comment.  After that, you’re free to comment to your little heart’s content.

Because I”m making so many changes, it may look a little goofy for a while. If you see dead links, or I’ve forgotten something that you enjoyed, just let me know.