Sayulita Beach 1/2010

Well, poor David, our fearless tour leader, nearly had a mutiny on his hands, when it came time to leave. Most of us were deep in conversation about how to skip the rest of the tours & get back here.

Sayulita is just terrific. I’m sure old-timers are appalled at how commercialized it is, but for the rest of us… well, we have nothing to compare it to, so we like it now.

There were a couple of most-time residents in the plaza explaining some of the school, recycling & public projects going on, and they were happy to clue us in to the best restaurants, and where the “iguana tree” was. We wandered around for a while, just soaking it in (and hearing more reggae outside of Jamaica than you’d believe), dodging surfers & 4 wheel drives, & hiking up mostly dirt roads.

The crafts here were of a higher caliber than I’ve seen for a while, but most of the shopkeepers were native English speakers, at least downtown, and the prices reflected that.

Lunch was @ the “Original Sayulita Fish Taco,” and the mango salsa was unbelievable. They have a specifically tequila bar, and unlike many Mexican margaritas, these were not too sweet. (We caught one guy adding Fresca the other night! Sacrilege!)

After lunch, we repaired to a beach, rented lounges & fended off vendors. (Except for J, who ended up buying 2 beautiful pareos. She, like me, has a weakness for things that sparkle.

I’ll be plotting my return…

Lots of pix here.

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