TGIF #16

Corazon milagro

What a cool week I’ve had! Sometimes, when I’m not posting, it’s because I’m just having too much fun.

Biggest news of the week- I found my friend B, after many years, on Facebook! She was my dearest friend in college & a n’bor as well, and is actually my oldest son’s godmother. So finding each other again was absolutely thrilling. We Skyped for a while, and sure enough, we were both laughing like hyenas. As if no time had passed at all. Here’s to girlfriends!

2nd biggest news: Strasburg’s Cristina’s Cafe hosted a Green Drinks get-together. Sounds like they had a great time.

Here are some fun Friday links to get your wkend started:

3 Responses to “TGIF #16”

  1. Brad says:

    The alarm clock from Hell has great potential. Get one, link it to a special cell phone containing only politicians’ and bankers’ names in the contact list, and let it do its thing! The milagro is beautiful, and again so like the similar ex-votos used in Greece. But how come you haven’t featured sugar skulls yet?

  2. Sara says:

    But wait, that would be a reason to sleep in!
    If they have corazons in Greece, I’m definitely going to need to go there.
    If you click on the picture, it should go to a website that not only shows sugar skulls, but sells supplies to make them. For whatever reason, I’m not getting into the Dios de los Muertos “stuff.” I do love the idea, and the marigolds, though. Am totally into OLG (our lady of Guadalupe) and corazons & sparkly things, though. Expect a post on Candalaria next wk! (And tell Henry to start commenting, darn it. Nobody rides for free)

  3. Brad says:

    Sara, take a look at this site,, to see some typical “export/tourist” Greek votives (“tamata”) and other stuff. This site has fairly high quality items; flea markets and jewelry shops in Greece have all levels of quality and price. And some of their items are even made IN Greece!

    I will tell Henry. We’ll see…