Tianguis Market

Tianguis Market

Tianguis Market, San Miguel de Allende

Every Tuesday, merchants and buyers gather on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende for the Tianguis Market. Representatives from every segment of society come by bus, taxi, SUV & foot to sell, buy, chat, eat and haggle.

There is not much you can’t buy at Tianguis. Fresh seafood, organic vegetables, batteries, shoes, clothespins, yarn, candy, french fries and of course, clothes.

There are about 5 free-for-all clothing table areas. One is pictured above. The barkers stand on or among their goods, bellowing the pricesĀ  (“Anything for 30 pesos!”) while customers paw through the piles, executing a shuffle step around the tables, occasionally adding a garment to the pile on their arm, or asking for a frend’s opinion. The men standing on the tables kick the piles to expose new bargains every few minutes.

With no fitting rooms, it seems an odd way to replenish a wardrobe, but people (including yours truly) are always showing up in SMA with the wrong wardrobe for the weather, so this is a good way to fill in the gaps.

And it’s a great way to spend a Tuesday morning.

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