Last day in San Miguel de Allende!

Parroquia by night

Parroquia by night

Until recently, I hadn’t been out much at night. What a revelation! The whole town changes. Last night I met a friend down @ the jardin, with the Parroquia lit up and anchoring the festivities. Centro was crowded, although it wasn’t any special fiesta. There were all kinds of food stands, fireworks, kids with balloons, couples strolling. Some vaqueros¬† had ridden their horses into town and were twitching their lariats and giving rides to friends.

We sat and watched for a while, then did a paseo around the square and headed down some side streets where vendors set up in the evenings. There are stands that sell tacos, elotes (corn on the cob, w/mayo & chile/limon), & steamed fresh chickpeas. We also found a little outdoor bookfair with books in Spanish ranging from coloring books to the Tibetan book of the dead. On that little square, there was African music playing.

Today my plan (loose plan, of course) is to meet a friend @ the jardin, do a little shopping & get some American cash @ the ATM, have one last bowl of posole. Then meet another friend @ Posadita’s little rooftop bar for drinks & goodbyes. Then one more evening w/a dear friend, and home to the casita to rest for the trip tomorrow.

What’s really funny is that I’m starting to realize how coddled I’ve been in MX. Maybe that’s why I like it so much? For the last three months I haven’t:

  • cooked- I basically assemble things from food stands
  • washed my own clothes- Sr Carlos does that
  • driven- taxis are cheap and omnipresent (well, usually.)

I do still chew my own food. (In fact I had 2 fabulous mangoes for breakfast today!)

Further plans (such as they are): Flying to Seattle tomorrow via Houston. Seeing the kids (YAY!) & dropping stuff @ storage in PT. Thurs fly to DC & drive to the farm. Plans are vague after that, but I’ll probably be in the Seattle area by mid-April.

Hasta la vista!

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