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Just a quick¬† note to say that yes, I’m still alive & kickin’. The countdown to the end of the month, & my return to the “real world” has begun. As is my habit, I’m packing every minute as full as possible.¬† Tonight, after a pretty busy day (and stocking up for the next predicted storm) I’ve decided to hang out at (gasp!) the casita.

Just some quick word-postcards…

Trekking down Avenida Ignacio Allende (my street) in search of a taxi this am, someone was playing 4NonBlondes “What’s Going On.” Picking my way through the wrappers, dog shit, jumping on curbs to keep from being sideswiped by the bus… Laughing my a$$ off…

Quick visit to Tianguis (Tues Market)… Spanglish w/the cab driver, snatching a pair of unworn lavender corduroy jeans from the eye-high pile, celebrating with three eentsy tacos & horchata.

After 10 visits to my dentist, he finally gets up his courage & asks how the heck I’m wandering around, partying & paying cash…. I hope he didn’t think I”m a drug king-pin! I set his mind at rest. Yep, I have to get to work pretty quick here.

Last night, up on D & E’s terrace, drinking wine & eating cheese after Enneagram class. Watching the clouds rolls by w/fingers crossed, watching the Parroquia turn a darker shade of pink in the sunset.

My darlin’ J, pressing a gift into my hand. She found a red glass heart, surrounded by blazing gold tendrils, on a studio tour… remembered my fixation on corazons… The perfect gift for a fragile, blazing nomad.

Sitting in my darkening casita, Sheryl Crowe playing, sending postcards to the Universe.

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