TGIF #17


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Well, the week of rain is over! The canal that runs between my n’hood & the rest of the city came about 1-2 feet from overflowing the bridge. The authorities had shut down the Mercado & blocked off the streets, just in case.

Once the rain stopped, the temperature immediately started to climb, and people started coming out of their houses to chat with their neighbors.

Rain is not at all usual this time of year. It’s usually in the summer months, so it’s warm and short-lived.  This was just a week of cold downpours, and was really unpleasant.

Now for some Friday fun!

One Response to “TGIF #17”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, again, a great collection! Christopher David Ryan is wonderful, and so is Mr. Bento! Now, as to others messing up English, here’s a true story about a friend of years past messing up Greek. She and her husband (a Greek speaker) were posted to Athens and she was trying to master the language. In modern Greek, “agouri” means cucumber and “agori” means young boy. So Janey convulsed a restaurant owner with laughter by ordering “a young boy, but he must be very fresh.”