TGIF #20


Packing Day by nep

This was my last Fri in San Miguel de Allende- for this trip anyway. So Friday was spent saying goodbye to many of the wonderful friends I’ve made here this winter. San Miguel is one of those magical places that just draws exceptional people. I feel very fortunate to have met so many of them.

Today I’m dragging out the suitcases for a test pack. If there’s any room left over, I can still go shopping 😉 Somehow, I don’t think that will be the result, however.

I thought I’d tried a good cross-section of market food, but last night was introduced to the seafood counter @ Ignacio Ramirez market. OMG. Seafood cocktails here are made with a sauce more like thinned catsup, but it’s very spicy. I had octopus & shrimp, topped with slices of avocado. I could live on these, except I need to save room for posole, green enchiladas, chicharrones… Yes, all I do is eat, and think about what I’ll eat next.

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  1. Brad says:

    Sara, what a great sendoff post for your last Friday (yes – for now) in SMA. Blythe’s eclectic style is indeed wonderful. The rainbow flipbook is so simple – why didn’t I……? Never been to the Hoh? You gotta go – it is awesome and awe-inspiring. But, as you know, PT is also one of the quietest places on earth. Like Cape Cod, all you do is choose your places and times. Like walking the beach at low tide from North Beach to the lighthouse. Finally, about that label that validates you. You do not need it. For all your friends, you already have your very own. “Sara.”