I give up!

Children asleep on bed

Children asleep on bed

Well, time is winding down, and so am I. I was actually glad that yesterday was rainy & dismal, so I could stay @ home in the casita and make lentil soup. Also did a lot of journaling, watched a movie (Amelie– FINALLY) and generally played hooky. It felt good to just catch my breath.

Tomorrow, the San Miguel Writers’ Conference starts. Just take a look at that schedule. I signed up @ the beginning of December, when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing (I did get a hefty discount.) And now I somehow feel committed to attend all of the events I paid for- to “get my money’s worth.” I mean, shoot, it’s Barbara Kingsolver!!!

At the same time, last weekend’s workshop: Spacious Mind, Spacious Self, was all about clearing out the old, the extraneous, to leave space for the essential. And practicing extreme self care while doing it.

So I think this next week will be a good chance for me to begin learning to do that on a social level.

Then, of course, I’ll be doing it on a physical level, while I try to get everything to fit into 3 smallish suitcases. Although I’m already working on a potlatch-style giveaway party.

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