From SeaTac Airport


PCC- Cliff Bar headquarters

It seems like I just landed in SeaTac & here I am again, leaving. Had a great time connecting with my sons & DIL-to-be & a few other of my special people. I sure didn’t get to see everyone that I wanted to on such a short trip, but I’ll be back, probably by mid-April, to stay longer this time.

What did I do to re-acclimate to the US after 3 months in Mexico? Well, the first stop was PCC, where I replenished my stock of Clif Bars. Next time, I will bring a suitcase packed with Clif Bars, (apricot & oatmeal/raisin, thank you. Maybe some carrot cake ones.) Because when you’re a flaming nomad, you never quite know what or when the next meal will be.

I also went to Lush & Sephora (of course) and walked & walked & walked. It was really lovely to just stride around, not worrying about cobblestones, dog poo or unmarked holes. I’d forgotten what it was like to really cover ground. (If anyone knows of a place in SMA where you can really walk, please let me know!)

I took a ferry over to PT to leave some things in storage. On the way over on the ferry, I bought a cup of coffee (approx 25 pesos) & paid w/a $20 bill (approx 200 pesos.) The woman at the register had change, and gave it to me without even blinking. I still don’t know how Mexican businesses run, with absolutely no change on hand. A similar transaction in SMA would have had the owner running up & down the street trying to find someone with adequate change. The ATMs spit out 500 peso bills, which no one will accept, in my experience, so then you have to go INTO the bank to get it converted into 20 & 50 peso bills.

I have to keep myself from saying Buenos dias, gracias, hasta luego in stores. And I’m definitely missing the taxis, especially after last night.

The “kids” and I went out, first to Mashido– a sushi place in West Seattle (actually, probably the best sushi in Seattle. I raised these guys to be major foodies, and it’s paying off.) Then to a REALLY excellent bar on Capital Hill. The Chapel is worth a special trip. Even if you don’t drink… because our waitress was one of those consummate professionals who are a joy to encounter, whatever their field. I managed to have a Stigmata & a Chloe, & tasted a few others. All beyond wonderful. I’ll be back to work my way thru the menu.

The snow is melting in Virginia, so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock to the ol’ system. I’m looking forward to seeing my mom, the yoga farmgrrls & other friends. Definitely getting a massage from Balika! Hope to get to the Smithsonian Native American museum this time, but first I’ll be taking a wire-wrapping (beads) course this wkend in Winchester & getting my hair trimmed (which is good, b/c after 3 months, I look like a cross between Martha Stewart and an English Sheepdog.)

That’s it for today. Hasta luego, y’all.

One Response to “From SeaTac Airport”

  1. Brad says:

    Shuah hope when yore back in Vuhginnya y’all find someplace to git some of them tay-koes ‘n inchy-ladas.
    (I am allowed to do this because some of my people came from VA and the Old Dominion was my home for nearly 30 years.)