Road Trip- Mar 23-24


Manatee- Really!

Well, I washed up @ AJ & UD’s place on Manasota Key Tues evening. It was a LOOOONG drive from Savannah, but we made it fine. Max (the Prius) and Seymour, the sock monkey navigator, are doing a terrific job.

Having an aunt and uncle w/beachfront property & a boat totally rocks. I highly recommend it. Especially if they’re fun to hang out with as well.

Yesterday, we motored out to the Fishery, where I had gator for the first time. Now I don’t have to do that again. The shrimp/spinach salad was exquisite.

There was a mama manatee & her baby in the water outside the restaurant. Above is the picture 🙁  Manatees are even more unphotogenic than I. (My aunt actually said yesterday “That’s a pretty good picture- for Sara.” I’m legendary.)

But we also saw: Osprey (lots), dolphins (lots), pelicans (lots.) Probably other things that I”m forgetting. And I’m working on a tan. Slow going… I have to sneak up on it to fool the freckles.

Then home for dinner of mostly hors oeuvres from Morton’s. The pepper- crab soup is unbelievable. And the dips are great, too. And then off to bed. A whole new day awaits.

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