Road Trip- Mar 27-28

St George Lighthouse

So… Saturday I took off from Manasota Key & headed for Tallahassee & the panhandle. My challenge: stone crabs & Tupelo honey.

First, let me say that FL traffic really is that bad. There were a couple BIG pileups, and another that almost happened when the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes while going 80 mph. I thought heading north on a Sat would be smart. Ha.

Anyway, I arrived at Tallahassee kind of tired & stressed out, so decided to stay the night. Sun AM, I just had a hard time getting going. I’d planned to drive to Gulf Shores, AL, taking time to visit St George, Mexico Beach & anything else that caught my fancy.

Instead, I dinked around Tallahassee all morning, went a little north to Havana, FL (just so I could say I went to Havana this yr.) Havana is really cute… but a combination of the economy tanking and a really cold winter has done a lot of the touristy type businesses in. The churches were crowded, but I couldn’t find anywhere to eat.

Then I went to St George & checked out the beach, lighthouse, etc. Really liked it. It’s sort of a family resort, with lots of cute beach rentals. The sand is beautiful & it looks like there’s some shelling. I did see 3 jellyfish washed up on the shore, though.

Next stop was a raw bar, where I thought I’d find stone crabs (oh, I was stopping just about every possible place.) The raw bar was closed, but a nice lady directed me to a possible seafood place down the road. Nope. But I did get some really excellent shrimp dip & eat it with celery.

That was about the time (3PM) that I realized I had 6 more hours to drive to reach Gulf Shores, where I had a hotel reservation. Whoops. So took of like my tail was on fire, with only a brief stop for a double Americano in Mexico Beach. I chatted w/the woman there, and Mexico Beach sounds like my kind of place.

Only two hotels; it’s mostly beach rentals. And the city owns a lot of the coastline, so unlike most of the panhandle, the beaches are easily accessible to the public. (What a concept.)

Gulf Shores is close to opposite. I’m having the same reaction I had to Puerta Vallarta- get me out of here! It’s spring break. ‘Nuff said.

So Max, Seymour & I are headed west again. Should get to either Louisiana or TX today. Hasta luego! (Oh, consensus is that it’s too cold for stone crabs yet, and I cannot for the life of me find Tupelo honey. I will, though!)

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