Road Trip- Mar 29

Boudin and Cracklin's

Boudin and Cracklin's. It's what's for dinner.

I confess, until I pulled into the Boudin place, I did not know what a boudin was.

Check the link- we’re talking boudin blanc, because this is Arcadia. It’s very very good, but the cracklin’s… Oh my. Like chicharrones (pork rinds), but cut small & individually spiced.  And tasso is another kind of sausage that I like even more than boudin. It’s a very good thing I don’t live here, or I’d start to look like Paul Prudhomme in a matter of days.

Also stopped in a cute little town outside New Orleans, called Covington. Very quaint, and they had all kinds of cute little shops. Unfortunately, every one (including moms of the headband/minivan type) think that they are NASCAR drivers, & go racing up & down the cute little streets. Kinda scary. But I did get a new blouse, a double Americano (after I explained what it was) and a really good curry chicken salad.

Let’s see… I skipped New Orleans. Not the kind of place I want to go by  myself- at least not this time. I did manage to get to Baton Rouge during rush hr, which isn’t as dumb as it sounds. I got to cross the Mississippi very slowly & really take it in.

I went over lots of bridges today, including a very long piece of highway built above a bayou. So a little of everything. Tonight I’m in a weird little place called Sulphur, LA that seems to be huge oil & industrial facilities. I’m about 50 miles from Beaumont, TX. Heading for San Antonio tomorrow. No, I never did find Tupelo honey!

One Response to “Road Trip- Mar 29”

  1. Brad says:

    Love the narratives, and also the photos – been along large parts of this route a million years ago. You’ve captured it well and made me want to do it again. And — Hooray for New Shirt. This is a first for you (re pictures). You look WONDERFUL, and so does the shirt!