Road Trip- March 30


Texas is big. Really big. I’m going to be here for a while. Yesterday, I drove from Sulphur, LA to San Antonio. It’s wildflower season, and we all owe a debt to Ladybird Johnson, b/c these highways are gorgeous! The bluebells & all kinds of things are blooming.

So far, I’m not a fan of Houston (ugh) but after that, the hill country starts, and oh my. Another place I’d like to spend a few months getting to know.

Today I’m going to explore the Riverwalk (I know, it’s touristy. That’s ok.) And then drive about 1.5 hours to AUSTIN. Yes, I’m really excited about that. Today’s the farmers market, and the Guthrie family is playing live (I”m trying to decide whether to see them there or when they’re in Kent, WA, on May 1 when I can go w/some of my peeps. But I’m thinking Kent.)

Also found out Krisna Das is in Santa Fe. NOW. Doggone it. I will hear that man sing kirtan someday, but so far it’s not working out.

My other big entertainment is listening to local radio stations. Heard some really fabulous R&B near Biloxi, MS. In TX, I’m listening to KUT. And you can listen online.

Later, ‘tater!

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