Spring in VA


Iris in March

I haven’t been on the farm this early in the season before. The snow is hiding out in shady places, but the woods are dry and last year’s leaves rustle as I walk through them. I’m able to see the “bones” of the farm for the first time; most of the year dense underbrush hides the nuances of the terrain.But today I was out taking a walk in the sunshine and inspecting places that would have taken a machete to find last summer. Tom (the tenant) had all three border collies working the sheep, a pair of cardinals was nest-hunting and the iris are starting to bloom. I even found a thinking log up in the woods. (I’m quite fond of thinking on sunny logs and rocks.) Here are some pix of the farm today.

What was I thinking about? Well, I can’t lay claim to any deep thoughts. Mainly “Why didn’t I come out here earlier?” and “I wonder how long it will really take to drive across the whole country?” and “Do I want to go to Yogaville to re-certify in laughter yoga?” (Yes, I actually was a certified laughter yoga instructor. That was your laugh for today. Don’t you feel better now?)

I was planning to go down to Yogaville anyway. It’s an ashram founded by Swami Satchidananda, who was the founder of Integral Yoga & a major force in bringing yoga to the US. And Balika, my massage therapist, friend & one of the most wonderful ppl currently on the planet, did her yoga training there.

So there just happens to be a laughter yoga training this wkend. One more of those strange synchronicities that rule my life.

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