TGIF #21

planter heads

Planter Heads

I’m not sure about the state of the internet out on the farm, so I’m writing this on Thurs. Let’s just stipulate that the plane landed in Dulles as planned & I was picked up by friends & ferried to the farm uneventfully, at about midnight Eastern time.

Here are some things I’ve collected for you this week:

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  1. Brad says:

    Looks like you returned to pretty decent weather for the Blue Ridge in March (at least according to I love the Fact Generator. I do not have a GPS but am glad to learn about the real person behind the voice heard in friends’ vehicles as they narrowly miss hitting other vehicles while trying to both listen to and look at that box on the dashboard. The Geek Hierarchy is funny but narrow in focus. For genuine, usable geekdom, check out this link to Make Magazine (to which I have a paper copy subscription):