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TGIF #26

Friday, April 9th, 2010
Gypsy Vardo

A Real Gypsy Vardo- click for more Gypsy info

A friend (Thx, CH!) sent me these lyrics by John Gorka yesterday:

You might like the gypsy life
you judge your progress by the phases of the moon
Get your compass and your sharpest knife
People love you when they know you’re leaving soon.

Which made me start thinking about the process of gypsying and being nomadic (apologies to the Rom.) And how, you can have deep affection for certain places and want to return, even if it’s not to stay.  The return path can be a spiral; you’re returning with a whole new set of experiences, that changes what you see. Hmmm… I’ll need to think further on that.

In the meantime, I’m hanging out w/my Dad & stepmom in Clovis & possibly up @ Shaver Lake, so may not post until Monday. Don’t worry- I’m in good hands 😉

Friday links for you!

Road Trip- April 5-7

Thursday, April 8th, 2010
Sedona Pink Jeep Tours

Sedona Pink Jeep Tours- Since 1959!

I ended up staying 3 nights in Sedona. Could easily have stayed longer; I really liked it there. There are lots of photos on flickr.

Most of what I was doing was plain old resting up. But I also got the car’s oil changed, did laundry, took a Pink Jeep tour, explored the town and ate at the Barking Frog. (Cactus Fries are terrific! Think nopales salad, but breaded & fried. OMG…)

The Jeep tour was great! It wasn’t too strenuous, but I got to walk around & inspect a cliff dwelling. It was so amazing to see the fingerprints in the mortar. And there were LOTS of pictographs & some petroglyphs as well. The weather was absolutely perfect, and what was amazing is that I called @ 7AM & was able to get in on a tour @ 8:30. They really have a very streamlined operation.

Let’s see, the first day was windy, so I mostly explored the town via the Trolley. It was fun, but I’m still not in a shopping mood. I think I bought a latte 😉 And an oil change.

I didn’t really get into the vortex thing… I did go in a very nice New Age shop & chatted w/the owner a bit. And later on, went into a bookstore where I bought “Chakra Tonics” which actually has a very good description of chakras, and some good recipes.

Basically, I was just resting & letting my soul catch up w/my body again. Tonight I’m in Bakersfield, and then I’ll be in Fresno for Thurs- Sun.

Coming down into the Valley from AZ made me realize all over again that California is still “home” to me, whatever home means. The Mojave is blooming, but seeing those green-furred hills with live oaks… well, it’s one of my homeplaces.

Road Trip Apr 3 & 4

Monday, April 5th, 2010
Los Colores- Orlando's in Taos

Los Colores- Orlando's in Taos

Ok, when I last left you, I had arrived in Taos, NM- barely. I’d really been looking forward to Taos, and a lot of friends whose opinions I trust love it.

Maybe it was the weather (really nasty cold windy) or me (really cold exhausted road-weary- possibly nasty), but it was kind of a let down. The first morning, when I was almost human again, I jumped (ok levered myself) into the car & took a tour around town @ about 7, before the traffic got heavy. Kind of marked a few places to visit when things opened.

I hadn’t had anything to eat for way too long, so I had brunch @ Orlando’s, which I can highly recommend if you like New Mexican food. Which is quite different from Mexican food. Their posole had a lot more hominy, and everything was muy picante (HOT!) which is how I like it.

Anyway, I went to a few little shops but one, I was tired and two, it’s kind of stupid to buy things when you’re living out of suitcases & will be for quite a while. So really the only impact I made in Taos was 2 nights in a hotel, a meal and a car wash. Sorry, guys.

Easter Sunday, I drove to Sedona. It was mainly me and the semis. And as I drove down the Oak Creek Canyon road (this is after 8 hrs of driving or so), I really did feel all the strain just leave me. I felt as if I’d just gotten out of bed. So I stopped the car & took a little walk.

You know how I feel about red rock. (If you don’t, go back & read about Moab.) Today I’m going to poke around. Take care of some business (laundry, oil change.) But mainly poke around. Take a look at the Chamber of Commerce site. Where else does Metaphysical & Spiritual Services have its own listing?

Just added a few quick pictures. The light was weird, so this doesn’t do Sedona justice @ all.

Road Trip- April 1&2

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010
Road to Taos

Road to Taos

Well, I’ve made it to Taos.

After Austin, I took a windy road tour of the TX hill country. Totally loved it, esp the stone ranch houses. There were a lot in Stephenville, TX & also what looked like an excellent bbq place. On my list for a return visit! I think I’m visiting this area in the prime season, though. There’s lots of greenery & it’s warm (80’s) but not too hot. I’m told that both of those will change soon.

So… I stayed in Plainview & headed for Taos. Didn’t care much for that country… very flat & really looked like a tornado waiting to happen (to me.) And then somehow the day got very weird. I’m sure this will make a funny story- maybe in 10 yrs.

But it seemed that I was never going to get here. There was a storm (we’re talking wind that picks up gravel & pelts the car, snow flurries, even a whiteout for a few minutes.) And then I rolled into Santa Fe, exhausted (when the wind is gusting like that, it’s both hands on the steering wheel. No sips of water, lip gloss application, nothing.) And the sky cleared, and it was all over.

So I decided to head on toward Taos. Met with MORE adversity (of the traffic slow-down kind)… and finally rolled in about 6:30 to collapse.

After a good night’s sleep I explored a little by car in the early morning (it was 28 degrees, for crying out loud!) and saw some places to visit. My “special” leg is being extra-special, so I’ll probably not do a whole lot before leaving tomorrow am (for Sedona, AZ). But I plan to get some green chile & some posole, and maybe try an oxygen bar? And Max desperately needs a wash, as you can imagine.

Hasta luego!