Road Trip Apr 3 & 4

Los Colores- Orlando's in Taos

Los Colores- Orlando's in Taos

Ok, when I last left you, I had arrived in Taos, NM- barely. I’d really been looking forward to Taos, and a lot of friends whose opinions I trust love it.

Maybe it was the weather (really nasty cold windy) or me (really cold exhausted road-weary- possibly nasty), but it was kind of a let down. The first morning, when I was almost human again, I jumped (ok levered myself) into the car & took a tour around town @ about 7, before the traffic got heavy. Kind of marked a few places to visit when things opened.

I hadn’t had anything to eat for way too long, so I had brunch @ Orlando’s, which I can highly recommend if you like New Mexican food. Which is quite different from Mexican food. Their posole had a lot more hominy, and everything was muy picante (HOT!) which is how I like it.

Anyway, I went to a few little shops but one, I was tired and two, it’s kind of stupid to buy things when you’re living out of suitcases & will be for quite a while. So really the only impact I made in Taos was 2 nights in a hotel, a meal and a car wash. Sorry, guys.

Easter Sunday, I drove to Sedona. It was mainly me and the semis. And as I drove down the Oak Creek Canyon road (this is after 8 hrs of driving or so), I really did feel all the strain just leave me. I felt as if I’d just gotten out of bed. So I stopped the car & took a little walk.

You know how I feel about red rock. (If you don’t, go back & read about Moab.) Today I’m going to poke around. Take care of some business (laundry, oil change.) But mainly poke around. Take a look at the Chamber of Commerce site. Where else does Metaphysical & Spiritual Services have its own listing?

Just added a few quick pictures. The light was weird, so this doesn’t do Sedona justice @ all.

2 Responses to “Road Trip Apr 3 & 4”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, Taos kind of disappointed us too, and we did like Sedona. I just took a look at Port Townsend’s CC web site – no metaphysical category, despite the Phoenix Rising book store and all the other metaphysical and spiritual focus points. Glad the forces there proved therapeutic for your tiredness. But – you can’t buy stuff? Why not? Ever heard of sending the excess home or on ahead by UPS. Do NOT deny yourself one of life’s basic pleasures!

  2. Sara says:

    The only problem is… there’s no “home” to send ahead to. I really am what one of my kind calls a “Free Range Human” at this point. It all has to fit into Max (and the poor ol’ Prius doesn’t need extra wt going up the coast.) And then there’s color scheme… I guess I could get potholders to match my suitcases? Really, I don’t show any signs of settling down, so anything I bought would go into storage. I’m actually more in divesting mode @ this point.