Road Trip- April 1&2

Road to Taos

Road to Taos

Well, I’ve made it to Taos.

After Austin, I took a windy road tour of the TX hill country. Totally loved it, esp the stone ranch houses. There were a lot in Stephenville, TX & also what looked like an excellent bbq place. On my list for a return visit! I think I’m visiting this area in the prime season, though. There’s lots of greenery & it’s warm (80’s) but not too hot. I’m told that both of those will change soon.

So… I stayed in Plainview & headed for Taos. Didn’t care much for that country… very flat & really looked like a tornado waiting to happen (to me.) And then somehow the day got very weird. I’m sure this will make a funny story- maybe in 10 yrs.

But it seemed that I was never going to get here. There was a storm (we’re talking wind that picks up gravel & pelts the car, snow flurries, even a whiteout for a few minutes.) And then I rolled into Santa Fe, exhausted (when the wind is gusting like that, it’s both hands on the steering wheel. No sips of water, lip gloss application, nothing.) And the sky cleared, and it was all over.

So I decided to head on toward Taos. Met with MORE adversity (of the traffic slow-down kind)… and finally rolled in about 6:30 to collapse.

After a good night’s sleep I explored a little by car in the early morning (it was 28 degrees, for crying out loud!) and saw some places to visit. My “special” leg is being extra-special, so I’ll probably not do a whole lot before leaving tomorrow am (for Sedona, AZ). But I plan to get some green chile & some posole, and maybe try an oxygen bar? And Max desperately needs a wash, as you can imagine.

Hasta luego!

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