Road trip- Days 8-14

Ojai, CA

Ojai, CA

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Went to Fresno to see my Dad & stepmom & be coddled for a while. Even gypsies need to rest now & then. The orange groves were in their glory. We went up to Shaver Lake to get a taste of the mountain air; there was actually snow up there. California is an amazing place, isn’t it? I wish I could bottle the smell of sun on the pines, with just a little woodsmoke for spice.

Then it was off (on Monday) over the Grapevine. If you’ve not heard of it, imagine a freeway over the mtn passes, with semis laboring up and then making up time on the downhill. I got to Ojai safely, but with a nasty headache.

So I tucked myself into the most wonderful bed in the world (I actually took a picture! I want a bed just like this if I ever settle down!) And woke up the next morning ready to explore Ojai, CA.

So Tuesday, I went rambling around town. OMG! I will definitely be back. There are the trees… lots of big gnarly oaks, palms, you name it. And mountains in the backdrop. And Spanish architecture. Not to mention, lots of good fresh food, thrift shops, galleries, boutiques… Kind of like heaven.

Did I mention that I’ve found my favorite bookstore in the world? (So far, I’m still checking.) Bart’s Books is mostly open air… There is a courtyard full of bookshelves, with tables to sit and read. Inside the house- more books! And the staff is helpful but unobtrusive. Oh yes, I will be coming back to Ojai. And I managed to get out with only one book- a history of Mexico by Mayo.

So Wednesday I took off reluctantly, but ready to head up the coast. What a gorgeous drive. I just kept drinking in the scenery. Just imagine- cows & eucalyptus trees on one side, and the ocean on the other. About mid-afternoon, I ended up in Morro Bay, and decided that was plenty.

So found a hotel & headed down for the Rock. It was really windy (and I mean really!) Saw some paragliders, had fresh oysters for dinner. (And garlic fries- there are benefits to solo travel!) and searched for sea otters from the restaurant window.

That catches us up… I’m heading north again today. Will probably see Cambria, Big Sur & Monterey.

Hasta luego!

4 Responses to “Road trip- Days 8-14”

  1. JoAnn says:

    We may be in Ojai next month. Where did you find to stay? I want somma that bed! 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    Oh, you’ll LOVE Ojai! I stayed @ the Capri Motel. It’s not fancy, but has some upscale furnishings, like an iPod station & flat screen tv & patio. I absolutely love that bed! It has the most crisp white sheets & I think a memory foam pad. It’s comparatively inexpensive & kind of on the outskirts, but you could walk to the main drag easily.

    Have a great time, & if you go to the Capri, say hi to Taji, the Russian blue cat, who lives in the lobby.
    Here you go:

  3. Vikki Voss says:

    Sara, Have enjoyed reading your blog. You’ll have to come see me next school year in Indonesia. We could meet in Bali. Anyway, we can talk at the big wedding. I will get home just in time. Vikki

  4. Sara says:

    Hi Vikki! Glad you’ll be able to make it. Yes, let’s talk!