Road trip finale- April 25-29

Well, I finally got myself pried out of the Hallmark Inn 2 minutes before checkout time… I just did not want to leave!

I called friends in Vancouver, WA & arranged to meet them for lunch. After all this traveling alone & meeting new people, it was really good to see some old friends. And it turned out that E’s daughter is a really talented artist, and I got to meet her & see some of her work.

Then got to Olympia, WA, called another old friend & chatted for a while.

April 26 I made a speed-trip to Pt Townsend to pick up some stuff from storage and had lunch with a friend I’d missed in my last whirlwind visit. We ate at The Spot, and had wonderful soup! I’ve never seen a “soup sampler” before (3 different kinds of yummy soup!) and it was great.

Then on to Seattle where P&J met me & helped me move all my gypsy stuff into their apt. Went out to dinner & saw their beautiful new house, and then “home” to my first night in my new digs in West Seattle.

April 27-29 So… I’m kind of settling in… This is the first time I’ve lived in a “city” (They tell me West Seattle is a place apart…) Not sure what’s next, but I’ve got all my gadgets hooked up & am getting the laundry done. I’ve gotten to see both of my boys & my DIL-to-be, which is great; I’ve really missed them!

I’m going to PT tomorrow… (storage again!) managed to get all my errands (oil change, haircut, etc) arranged so that I can be there on a Friday, which means (YES!) I get to go to Conversation Cafe and see a LOT of friends all at once. I need to do a post on Conv Cafe, b/c it’s one of my favorite things.

Can you believe… this trip was over 7000 miles, and Max the Prius did not have a single problem? I heart that car! And I did not lose one single electronic charger. And only ate fast food one time (Post, TX) I’m very proud of us! But I need a nap now…

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