Roadtrip- April 18

Mendocino cottage

Mendocino cottage

So, how did I end up eating a Clif Bar for lunch in Mendocino, CA- a foodie paradise? Well, because the tides were right. On the way into town, I stopped off at Catch a Canoe, to see about taking out a kayak for a couple hours. They weren’t too busy, had a kayak for me, and the tide would be right in about half an hour.

So I went into town, looked around, bought a cookbook (!) and headed back to the dock. I can’t tell you how great it felt to be out on the water. Most of my kayaking has been sea kayaking, so paddling down a river (alone, because you can do that in calm water) was a real treat. It was so quiet! I saw a blue heron, about 5 seals and numerous ducks.

Definitely one of the top days of this trip so far. And I think I need to build kayaking into my life again, somehow.

About the shopping… If I were into shopping, Mendocino would be highly dangerous. Lots of cute little shoppes, with things that are chosen with great care to be both unique and tasteful (at least, my kind of taste.) I could easily go wild. But… One thing I’ve learned from the Space Clearing workshop (and Stephanie’s book) is that for me, clear space is more valuable than “stuff.” I tend to get overwhelmed with stuff. I did buy a cookbook. But it’s one that supports my style of eating: healthy, simple and tasty. (Yes, I’ve noticed that I don’t have a kitchen. But I probably will before too long.)

After kayaking, I checked into my motel (less said the better, but it’s clean & cheap) in Ft Bragg. I cleaned up & headed back to Mendocino for dinner. After wandering around, checking out the options (and NOT buying that cute top), I stopped at the Mendocino Cafe.  Really good choice! I had a portobello mushroom cap stuffed w/crabmeat  (local) and topped with cheese. And a local ale. I’m not a beer drinker (gluten-sensitive & don’t like it anyway), but it was just perfect after a few hrs of kayaking.

So I think I’ll stay another day… Check out the sea glass beach, the Botanical Gardens & maybe go back to Mendocino for more un-shopping 😉

Hasta luego!

2 Responses to “Roadtrip- April 18”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, I’ve been working and haven’t posted comments very often, but have been checking daily to see what you’re up to. The beach and surf photos are making me want to get moving – if all goes well, we’ll go to Amorgos early in May. Not much surf but lot of sea. Liked seeing you at Muir Beach. I did not know you are a kayaker – no kayaks in Greece but lots of them in PT, as you know. Max could carry a kayak easily. I now await your TGIF links with eager anticipation!

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Brad- Just the impetus I needed to post again. I’ll bet there are kayaks somewhere in Greece.
    I didn’t do much kayaking in PT. Because it’s sea kayaking, I’d have to go with a group, which isn’t always possible. But I’ll figure it out.
    Hasta luego!