TGIF #27

Seen in Morro Bay, CA

Seen in Morro Bay, CA

Is it Friday already? Where the heck am I? Well, I’m camped out in a little motel in Half Moon Bay, CA. I did get to two beaches today- Aptos, CA (Seacliff) and a little one on the way from there to here.

I’m seeing lots of things that jog old memories… The way drivers will flash their lights to let you know there’s a black & white cop car waiting up ahead. The way we teased Dad about going in circles because we’d passed “Vista Point” several times. The strawberry stands along the road. And the indescribable scent of ocean/eucalyptus.

But I’m still going too fast. You’ll notice in my flickr album. All the beach shots are starting to say “Beach” instead of where. I’ll update the travelogue later.

Here are some links for your Friday:

Hearts 0′ the week. From Cinnabar Rock Road, in Cambria, CA

Way cool! I could be playing music in my car!

You mean… you didn’t read theĀ  EULA?

Ok, these bookstores might be a little better than Bart’s in Ojai.


One Response to “TGIF #27”

  1. Brad says:

    Still with you, Sara – what a trip!! (Double-entendre “R” us.) Don’t know about the bookstores – I still love William James in PT as being the right size without distracting glitz. Now, as to the auto record player – you CAN have one, and it WILL work, but you have to get a hair-do like the woman in the first picture and a dress to match. But hey, they still make record players, even for 45s. If you really want a special, anachronistic way to hear music while driving, get an 8-track. You’re too young, but I remember when it was gonna be the new world-wide standard.