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I’m back!

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
Inukshuk sculpture Vancouver, BC

Inukshuk sculpture Vancouver, BC

Sorry for the long absence! I was on a trip to British Columbia. Went to Vancouver, Victoria & then 10 lovely days in Tofino (on the West coast of Vancouver Island.) Had an absolutely lovely time with my dear someone, and the weather was faaantastic. (I think my weather curse has finally worn off!)

I did take lots of pictures, and boy, did we eat well. Can you believe I’d  never had Dungeness crab before? (I know, I know. But they’re kind of scary.) Well, I made up for lost time. Now I can eat one quicker than a sea otter. And oysters- raw, grilled, fried- you name it.

If you’re in Tofino & not into cooking for yourself, I can highly recommend the Wickininnish Inn and Sobo. At the Wick Inn (where they make their own butter- these guys are serious!), an eagle flew right past the window while we were eating. And Sobo has some of the best food anywhere. The polenta fries & fried oysters, oh my! For casual, go to the Jiggers fish & chip truck in Ucluelet- you won’t be sorry!

As my rental ends May 31, I found myself stressing out about “the future,” trying to plan & control things (b/c I’m so good at that!) But once again, the Universe showed me that it’s all taken care of, better than I could have dreamed.

With a LOT of help from my friends, I’ve found my next place to live. As of June 1, I’ll be back in Pt Townsend! Not only that, but back in my old apt, with the lovely red bookshelves! It will be such a delight to be back in familiar territory…


Monday, May 3rd, 2010
Citation needed

Citation needed

So… I’m way late on TGIF. In fact, it’s Monday,  those of you who are 9-5 MF working stiffs have had to find your own laughs for the weekend.

What was I doing that was so darned important? Well, I was participating in Conversation Cafe in Pt Townsend. That involves physically sitting @ a table w/other people who are physically present and talking. Seriously! And then visiting a friend & making a real dinner, which we ate at a table with teenagers.  And people spoke. And ate with silverware.  Honest! Heck, I made a PIE. I can do that, you know.

I know, I”m so retro, it cracks me up sometimes….

Here are your belated laughs. Remember to smile- it makes them wonder what you’re up to.