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Day Trip to Sequim

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Milk is political? You're kidding, right?

Saturday, I headed over to Sequim (pronounce Skwim) with a friend, who’d never been. There’s a lot to do over there, but we hit what were (for us) the high points. Sequim’s claim to fame is that it’s in the rain shadow of the Olympics, so although it’s in the PNW, they get so little rain that they have to irrigate (and proclaim it with an annual Irrigation Festival.) They also grow a LOT of lavender (and have a Lavender Festival, as well.)

On the way into town, we stopped off for a lavender mocha (well, I guess that’s not my drink of choice, but it was worth a try) & then stopped at Sunshine Herb & Lavender Farm, which is always terrific. The fields are just coming into bloom now, and the nursery is full of different lavenders and other herbs. Their gift store is amazing, and they make everything themselves.

Then on to the Co-op, which is always fun, even though I’m not really a farm girl. But they do have cute Farm Girl brand jeans & Bogs. And lots of good lawn furniture. Then down the street is Over the Fence, which is always fun. Lots of home-type things, and candles. By this time, I had tried about every tester known to mankind, and my hands were soft and… let’s say “fragrant.”

We had lunch at the Oak Table Cafe, just off the main drag to prepare for a hike on Dungeness Spit. Good homestyle cooking, and a lot of it.

Then off to the Spit, but we made two stops on the way. One was to the Dungeness Valley Creamery, which provides the Puget Sound area with raw milk. I hadn’t had raw milk before coming to PT, and was amazed at the difference. Raw milk is illegal in some states, and even in WA, where it’s legal, they come under all sorts of attacks. (Read their testimonials page to see what I mean.) This operation was spotless, and filled with people going about their work with smiles on their faces. The cows out in the field looked contented & well-cared for, which is quite a change from “normal” dairy operations that I’ve passed, holding my nose & despairing for the animals that have to live that way.

Another quick stop at Nash’s Organic Farm stand. It was amazing all the vegetables and fruit they can provide this early in the season. I’ve seen a lot of hoop houses, so that’s probably the secret. The store is very well-organized, and displays the work of local artisans, as well.

Finally, on to Dungeness Spit. The tide was coming in, which pushed us up onto the rocky parts. We may have walked a mile, but it was a rough mile. The weather was gorgeous, though, and mountains, ocean and big driftwood is a wonderful combination. Renewed my intention to camp overnight there sometime.

More pix here. And recipe for Lavender Lemonade

TGIF #31

Friday, June 25th, 2010

It’s a cold gray drizzly summer (??) day in Port Townsend. Reminds me of the quote attributed to Mark Twain (no verification yet): “The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco.” Tip of the week- don’t book any summer connecting flights out of San Francisco. You can thank me later.

Yesterday, I could have sunbathed (didn’t, but could have.) Today, it’s get out the parka. Welcome to the PNW. I’m hoping my little tomato & basil plants don’t just collapse- they’re nestled up against a south-facing wall, so maybe the residual heat will help.

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Space Clearing, the last frontier

Saturday, June 19th, 2010
Your Spacious Self

Your Spacious Self-

No, I’m not talking about vacuuming up space litter (although that’s a terrific idea.) For me, this path started in San Miguel de Allende, where I took a weekend class in Space Clearing @ the Life Path Center, led by Stephanie Bennett Vogt & Nancy Shapiro.

What started out as a kind of lark (one more workshop…) ended up being a truly transformative experience.

I’ve always been “the messy one.” The one with so many irons in the fire that I’m surrounded by the detritus of my enthusiasms. And always, I’ve beaten myself up about it, trying to get a handle on the clutter. Because I really do value and love simplicity and organization. I just don’t know how to achieve it.

Every effort I’ve made has involved a new book, or a new technique that scolded told me how awful I was, and what to do about it. A whirlwind of picking up & boxes dragged to Goodwill. (“This time, it’s for real! I really mean it! No more clutter!”) And every time, “stuff” crept back in, until things were back to ” normal.” And then the self-loathing cycle would begin again.

What’s different about space clearing (as I understand it, and as it works for me) is that it addresses not just the physical clutter, but the energetic issues behind it. And it’s not about scolding and trying to be “better.” It’s a gentle dialog- an experiment. What if… I put my keys in the same place every day for a month? And gently, gently, things change.

It’s not about being regimented or compulsive. It’s about uncovering the spacious life each of us is heir to. So that’s one of the things I’m working on this summer. I may express it as “cleaning out the storage unit,” but what I’m doing is editing- setting free the “stuff” that doesn’t make my heart sing, to make room for what does. It’s not a grim exercise in forcing myself to toss things. It’s a stroll, rather than a forced hike. What do I really love? And what is superfluous to my life? And what will arise in this new space I’m creating?

There’s a parable I’ve always loved, about a sloppy housekeeper who was given a beautiful flower. She set it on her messy table, and then saw that to appreciate the flower, she should clean the table. Once she did, she saw that the room the table was in need of cleaning. So she cleaned that. And the room was so beautiful, that she was inspired to clean the next room…

And I thank Stephanie & Nancy, as well as my fellow participants, from the bottom of my (more spacious) heart.

TGIF #30

Friday, June 18th, 2010
Blast from the past

Blast from the past

Those of you who’ve been privy to my end of the wedding saga were no doubt wondering how on earth I expected to host my sister, niece and mother for a couple days in what’s generally considered a large studio apartment. Yeah, I was wondering, too. And scurrying around to all the thrift stores, combing craigslist for decent bedding for them. All I had was a twin bed & a single aero bed…

Just as it was coming down to the wire, this set showed up @ the Habitat Store. Not only that, but when I called my landlord (aka guy with a big truck) he was free right then & came down & fetched it. Whew! Law of Attraction in action!

Those of you who  knew me in the 70’s are  no doubt laughing your heads off. Yes, indeed. I had a set very much like this as a teenager… back when it was cool. What I’m wondering… this makes so much more sense than a futon. Why did they stop making them? (Other than the icky fabric. But that can be changed…)

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