Another move…

Well, I’m back in Pt Townsend, WA as of June 1. I’m going to be happy to stay put for a while, and sort things out. I’ll be spending a lot of the summer divesting & decluttering. I think I’ll have lots of support- at least two sets of folks at Conv Cafe have lived on sailboats & have lots of tips.

Once again, I was playing with the Law of Attraction, sure that I’d find the perfect place. Lots of friends gave me tips, and then… I got my old place back! The one with the red bookshelves and the fantastic landlords. I even have a little garden space, so may be able to grow some of my own veggies.

So far, I’ve updated my library card, visited both libraries, saw a deer, and been to the co-op to buy raw milk & coconut oil, where I ran into SMD. I know I can count on her to get the word out that I’m back. Then, while looking for necessities @ the thrift shops, ran into N, who stopped me from making an unfortunate purchase & offered to loan me a jacket for the wedding!

Gosh I heart PT! It’s good to be back. And to be in a place where I know where the light switches are… priceless.

One Response to “Another move…”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, welcome “home!” Lots of others are glad you’re back too. We’re having a great time here but I miss PT and the Conversation Cafe. If all goes well, I’ll be there on June 25, heavily jet-lagged. By the way, if your trusty Prius needs service, I know you like S-Q, but we’ve had great results at Motor Works (behind the auto parts store and the tire place up on the hill).