TGIF #30

Blast from the past

Blast from the past

Those of you who’ve been privy to my end of the wedding saga were no doubt wondering how on earth I expected to host my sister, niece and mother for a couple days in what’s generally considered a large studio apartment. Yeah, I was wondering, too. And scurrying around to all the thrift stores, combing craigslist for decent bedding for them. All I had was a twin bed & a single aero bed…

Just as it was coming down to the wire, this set showed up @ the Habitat Store. Not only that, but when I called my landlord (aka guy with a big truck) he was free right then & came down & fetched it. Whew! Law of Attraction in action!

Those of you who  knew me in the 70’s are  no doubt laughing your heads off. Yes, indeed. I had a set very much like this as a teenager… back when it was cool. What I’m wondering… this makes so much more sense than a futon. Why did they stop making them? (Other than the icky fabric. But that can be changed…)

Here is some Friday fun:

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  1. Brad says:

    Sara, how nice to have TGIF back! Great fun, and here goes. I am genuinely fascinated with the Hacker’s Diet because it addresses problems I myself have or had. Maybe you react as you do because you don’t have this massive weight problem. Give the guy a chance – it worked for him. As to the U. Project, are you gonna try it? As to bacon – hog bellies? Thank goodness we eat turkey bacon from the Co-op! My alternative to the Big Bang was developed by the child of a colleague of mine – put one raw egg in microwave. Set on 5 minutes, full power. Stand back. No comment on faerie congresses. I love the catalog. This should be a CC topic. I’d love to hear what some of our CC buddies come up with!