TGIF #31

It’s a cold gray drizzly summer (??) day in Port Townsend. Reminds me of the quote attributed to Mark Twain (no verification yet): “The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco.” Tip of the week- don’t book any summer connecting flights out of San Francisco. You can thank me later.

Yesterday, I could have sunbathed (didn’t, but could have.) Today, it’s get out the parka. Welcome to the PNW. I’m hoping my little tomato & basil plants don’t just collapse- they’re nestled up against a south-facing wall, so maybe the residual heat will help.

Here are some Friday links for you:

One Response to “TGIF #31”

  1. Brad says:

    Finally got to look at these! So origami is dead and now the Pacific Rim is into t-shirt folding? How ephemeral! The person who figured out how to put high prices on canvas shoe organizers and grow stuff in them is a brilliant example of American ingenuity. Guess you could cut the legs off your old jeans, line the pockets, and do it more cheaply with that “personal touch.” The Guerilla Gardeners could reduce the labor involved in production if they would go find a nice free-range dairy farm and look for the dung beetles doing their thing. Instant little balls of “compost” – just shove in the seeds… And I LOVE the last video. That is the best, most complex Rube Goldberg setup I’ve ever seen. What fun! And it’s a paradigm of Port Townsend city government! Thank you Sara!