After you check your eggs…

eggs of many colors, originally uploaded by woodleywonderworks.

Once again… sigh.

I’m lucky enough to have a friend who raises free range chickens. So when I eat eggs, they’re the kind with the deep orange yolks that only come from eating a variety of chicken-chosen goodies. Bugs, weeds- good stuff.

Battery-raised chicken eggs are, IMHO, a (very) poor substitute, and the recent salmonella outbreak makes that only too clear. Just reading the distribution list makes me shudder. 450 MILLION eggs, distributed from two “farms” in Iowa to 14 states?

Rebekah Denn has put together a reading list, if this is your wake-up call and you choose to do something more than moan about the current state of our food supply.

One Response to “After you check your eggs…”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, I learned today that egg whites contain amazing stuff that kills bacteria pretty well, provided the hen herself is not infected. In a properly set up organic farm, free range hens are less likely to have, inter alia, salmonella. Also, cooking the egg kills just about anything but also makes the egg white unable to kill new stuff that gets in. So – don’t hard-boil eggs and then keep them forever, even in the fridge. Free range and proper treatment is just as necessary for cows, for instance. E.g., Horizon milk makes a big deal about their milk but their cows are not well treated. Organic Valley is much, much better. Sorry to get so long-winded, but yet again, if we would only stop trying to engineer more profit out of agriculture by constraining natural processes, we might pay more for our food but we’d be SO much better off!