Stumbling toward simplicity

Decluttering/space clearing is a journey of discovery.

As I make my weekly pilgrimage to the storage unit, I bring back boxes of things that I had formerly thought of as essential to my happiness. Sorting through them, I realize that: I’ve been without them for over a year, I’ve been happy anyway, and they’re (mostly) going right back to storage at the end of October. So, just how essential are they?

Unpacking and sorting them, I uncover not just possessions, but old patterns and attitudes. Some are easy to discard; I’ve moved on. Others, I see as areas that need more examination. Just why am I keeping these things? What do they mean to me?  Are they truly essential? Is there another way to reframe this? Is there a way to gently release them? Or do I need to wait?

One of the challenges is that my life is in flux. How do I know that I won’t need X in my future? So another question is: if I do decide I need it, how difficult is it to replace?

I’m trying to keep William Morris’s advice in mind: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Here are some books I’ve found to be useful on this journey.

Do you have any tips, books or websites to recommend?

2 Responses to “Stumbling toward simplicity”

  1. Caryl says:

    Sara, I am so enjoying your photos and comments on your journey! In San Miguel you and I shared a cooking class, El Charco (glad to hear you returned for the full moon event. I was at Teotejuacan by then, but thunderstorms kept us off the Pyramid of the Moon), the Tuesday Market, the grotto and the church, and Woolis Kaban’s ladies’ night – all in my final week there. I’m returning to Mexico late Jan – Feb, but as much as I loved San Miguel, I am thinking of exploring more seaside towns. Hope our paths cross again! Sorry to hear you passed by New Orleans! I travel there every year on business and feel comfortable in all parts of town, walk the French Quarter at night (week nights), enjoy fine dining as well as dive bars w/ great cajun foods! Journey on!

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Caryl! So funny, I just ran into a picture of you yesterday in my files & was thinking about you!
    Gosh, you packed a lot into that last wk in SMA.
    Yes, MX is huge & lovely- so much to see… Have you considered Xalapa & Veracruz?