TGIF #33

Elephant Log- Tofino Beach

Elephant Log- Tofino Beach

Well, another Friday’s upon us. Hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend. Summer is just slipping right on by, isn’t it? This weekend, I’m planning a visit to the Jefferson County Fair. It’s a great way to catch up on friends & see all the wonderful things that go on in our little part of the world.

And I found the perfect thing to wear @ the Olycap Thrift shop. Not one, but TWO cowboy shirts with pearl snap buttons. I think I’ll wear the one with the gold threads… I know I”m supposed to be decluttering, but pearl snap buttons…

Here’s some silly stuff to get your weekend started:

One Response to “TGIF #33”

  1. Brad says:

    H’ray – another Sara Friday. Looks like the Progress Bar currently only exists in the state of Photoshop. Here’s your chance! But no way will I trust my Apple to a hoody (if I had a hoody). Besids, she looks so cold, going off to work like that all exposed and unable to wear her hoody.