While I was gone…

My little garden

My little garden

Aren’t plants magical? I was off vagabonding, and my faithful little plants just kept right on growing… When I left for Toronto, they were just little guys, and I came back to a thriving garden. There are 2 tomatoes (Stupice and sweet millions, 3 basil plants & a zucchini.) Big thanks to my landlords, who kept them all watered for me. What a wonderful welcome home!

Apologies to all (including my dad- who emailed to make sure I was still alive!) for the blog-lapse. I’m back in PT now, after a 3 week trip to Toronto & New England with my Señor. For privacy’s sake, I’ll just refer to him as Señor on the blog. I’ve been struggling a bit with how to keep blogging w/out turning it into a TMI (too much info) sort of thing, so I think that’s a good compromise. (And no, he’s Canadian, not Mexican, although we met in Mexico.)

I’d never been to Toronto, or spent more than a few days in New England, so it was a terrific trip into unknown (for me) territory. In between laundry loads, I’ll try to upload some pix.

Mostly, we were exploring Toronto, Señor’s hometown, which is a fabulous city. From the air, all that’s visible is green, a few skyscrapers and Lake Ontario. There are so many distinct neighborhoods… we hit as many as we could, but there are still more.

One of the highlights was getting to see my sister & her family who live in NH. I’d never been to their home before (we’ve met up in other places) and I was just totally awed by their surroundings. We took a tram up to the top of Cannon Mountain and hiked around a bit- we could see nearly forever. And that’s practically in their backyard. I can see why they love it so much!

I could go on & on about all we saw (and probably will, in later posts.) But I think what I’ll remember most are the people that I met and the food!  Señor (and his whole extended family) are serious foodies. So I was eating some of the best food in the Northeast. (and eating, and eating. I’m not going near a scale for a while!) My favorite? Probably the poutine, in all its various incarnations. I even had Italian poutine (french fries, slathered in marinara sauce. Mmmm..) I never did try the sweet potato poutine, although I’m sure I will in the future. In fact, I think poutine deserves its own post…

At any rate, that’s it for now. It’s good to be back, and I should be around until the end of Oct, except for a few short trips. Hasta luego!

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  1. Brad says:

    SOOOOO good to have you back, but then “right on” as to what you were doing that precluded blogging. It’s is so great that you and Senor found each other. The food pics are professional quality. Who knew exotic eats were lurking up north?