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I’ve been in decluttering mode again for the last couple weeks. I’m suddenly able to let things go that I’d been hanging on to for many years. Not that I used them. Somehow I thought I “needed” to have them. Or not just have them, but not let them go. And suddenly, it’s ok.

One thing I found was that releasing the things with the most emotional attachment also had the biggest freedom effect. After one particularly dramatic trip to the thrift store, I returned to find my apartment felt so much more peaceful- it was almost a different place. As if a particularly annoying low-level hum had stopped.

I’m finding that language can help me break through my attachments. I’ve started thinking in terms of “releasing” and “letting things go.” And I’m less concerned with finding them the perfect home. That’s their job, not mine. (Although I was particularly pleased to pass on some special books to someone who was thrilled to receive them.)

I’m also starting to think of things as being nomadic. They lived with me for a while, and now they’re on to new adventures.

No, I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist. As SED reminded me, the idea isn’t to get rid of everything. The idea is to keep the things that bring you joy, and release the ones that don’t.

I’ve been working on some links to share, in case you’re interested. Here’s the new Simplicity Links page.

This is a work in progress, so I’d love to know if you have favorites that I’ve missed.

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  1. Brad says:

    Sara, congrats! This is a major life’s step. My sister (much older than you – it took longer) made this step a few months ago after another development in her life brought her great joy. Standing inside that happiness it was easier to let go. The same thing happened to me some time back. And now you! You think maybe it’s because you’ve found a new joy and just don’t need those old things any more?