Day of the dead altar

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So, I did some wandering around in Centro yesterday. As a taxi driver once told me: “Mexico is the fiesta capitol of the world- And San Miguel is the fiesta capitol of Mexico!”
The jardin is surrounded by beautiful altars. More photos here. Most of these are dedicated to historical figures of significance, and many are created by youth groups. The artwork is composed of flower petals, beans & other natural items. Then there are the offerings… everything from beer to fancy pastries. A lot of copal incense is being burned, as well.
Then, there are more personal ones, honoring family members or recently deceased benefactors (as at the library.) And there are stands all over, selling decorations made of frosting and sugar. The majority are chickens with eggs and sheep, although I saw pigs, llamas and little picnic baskets.
At least half of the tourists seem to be Mexicans- the Americans & Canadians are still in short supply. It’s really nice to see Mexican families touring a place of such national significance- this is the birthplace of the revolution just celebrated in Sept.
On Friday, I walked around the n’hood & there were little kids carrying home their art projects. Little decorated graveyards & catrinas (fancy dressed skeletons.) I am reminded- this is a very different culture, and one with a lot to share.
Hasta luego!

3 Responses to “Day of the dead altar”

  1. Pete says:

    That’s so cool. I love Mexican fiestas; I may just have to visit its fiesta capital one day 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    You know you’re invited!

  3. Brad says:

    Sara, love the pics! You are right, it’s a very different, rich culture. Like most Americans, I know little of it and have learned much of what I do know from you. So I’m gonna encourage you again – how about doing a couple of articles, with your pictures, about what you’re learning? “Becoming Sara in San Miguel!”