TGIF #44

El Quixote sin Mancha, originally uploaded by sbmilagros.

What does don Quixote have to do with a lavanderia (laundry)? Well, mancha means stain & sin means without. So it’s the laundry without stains… Even in Mexico, there are punsters- beware!

So Candalaria is winding down… The Organic market has moved to the Ancha for a couple wkends. The chili cookoff was last wkend… Friends & friends of friends are arriving daily.

Yesterday, we took some FoF’s around & showed them the ropes. I’m starting to feel like an old hand here, although I still have a lot to learn.

I’ll be out of touch for the next wk or so. Senor is going to Cuba for a wk, which- as he is Canadian- is perfectly legal. He promises to come back w/lots of info & pix for my readers.

Here are some links to cheer us all up:

One Response to “TGIF #44”

  1. Brad says:

    The bike mechanism is fascinating, but I can just picture it running wild and shredding peoples’ rides. And what if that little chip falls off the front fork? Identity crisis! The cats are interesting – never had one that would stand for wearing any sort of “people clothes.” The “floor pose” is similar to something we’ve done in a fitness class including some yoga and some tai chi, but Stephanie has given names to some of those conditions engendered by our culture and requiring yoga countermeasures. Let’s hear it for jangliness and wonkiness!