Last night in Tanzania

Just a quick post- there’s been no internet available for the last wk. We’ve been staying in the ‘way outback, mostly in Serengeti. I actually went to Oldupai Gorge & saw where the Leakeys worked.

Tomorrow we fly from Arusha, Tanzania to Nairobi for one more night & then back to Toronto. It has been one heck of a trip & I’ve seen things that are completely indescribable. I’ll post pix (lots) but no camera can really capture this experience. It’s been quite strenuous, but well worth it.

Hakuna matata…

One Response to “Last night in Tanzania”

  1. Javantea says:

    I’ll be glad to have you back in N. America. The Serengeti sounds like a trip though. Lions, wildebeests, cheetas, zebras, and giraffes are so difficult to capture in photos, you can’t get something like that unless you go on a trip like that. I’m gonna plan a trip for a few years from now, I really envy your flexibility in travel.