Nairobi Kenya


Nairobi Kenya, originally uploaded by sbmilagros.

HOLD THE PRESSES- Forget the giraffes- I’m going to be a GRANDMA! Congrats to Pete & Jo!!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am!!!!

Yes, that’s me feeding kibble to a Rothschild giraffe at Giraffe Manor, where they breed this endangered species to return to the wild. I was amazed at how sweet & gentle they are- and how big!

We also visited Karen Blixen‘s house (Out of Africa fame) and the Kazuri bead factory which employs mostly single mothers, offering them & their dependents a worthwhile job at a living wage and medical care.

Our baggage has finally caught up with us, which is a good thing. (When you live out of a suitcase losing the suitcase is pretty dramatic.) Tomorrow we leave bright and early for the beginning of our safari! Connectivity will beĀ intermittent, but I’ll post when I can…


2 Responses to “Nairobi Kenya”

  1. Brad Offutt says:

    Okay, girl, you’ve gypsied pretty far even for you! How wonderful! And congrats on your upcoming grandmaship. That’s wonderful too. Thanks for the pictures – excellent as always. I love the one of you with the giraffe, the one of you and your guy with the other couple, and the one of the young woman playing the drum in particular. Enjoy all this to the fullest – you so deserve it!

  2. Sara says:

    ha- grandmaship, I love it.
    The picture of the couple was me & my guy, his musical partner & our new friend Sihle from, who drove us all over Durban & explained all kinds of things to us. Stay tuned for a post on “bunny chow.”