TGIF #45

Everywhere a butchery, originally uploaded by sbmilagros.

Driving between national parks, we passed through lots of little villages in Kenya, with their version of strip malls.

The business names were a little… different. We started writing down the funniest ones. Note that somehow the word “butchery” is funny, no matter what goes with it. Strangely, Tanzanian business did not have the same¬†quirkiness.

Here are our favorites:

  • Amazing Funeral Services
  • Caskets Galore
  • Late Chemist
  • Double Vision Bookshop
  • Waki Motel
  • Amazon¬†Accommodations
  • Plan B Highway Shop
  • Happy Go Butchery
  • By Faith Agrochemicals
  • Twine Towerz
  • Highway Butchery
  • Divine Providence Computers
  • Best Lady Hair Salon
  • God’s Power Shop & Cafe
  • Pivot Cool Bar & Butchery
  • Silent Bar
  • Travellers’ Butchery
  • Nairobi Hardware (in a tiny village)
  • Precious Dry Cleaner
  • Bull Head Butchery
  • Club Destiny Cafe & Butchery
  • Kaka Butchery
  • Meet & Greet Cafe & Butchery
  • Honey Pot Bar
  • Anointed Candy Shop

One Response to “TGIF #45”

  1. Brad Offutt says:

    Sara, glad you’re back safe and posting again. Haven’t had time to see all your pics, but what I’ve seen are great! As for businesses, hard to choose between Anointed Candy Shop and Honey Pot Bar. Maybe our mutual PT group should be the “Conversation Cafe and Butchery.”