Mom update…

First of all, we passed the health inspection Tues. Hooray! That was a long time coming, but all the paperwork’s done, and Mt Pleasant 1812 B&B is a go! The guest season is Mar 1- Nov 30, so Mom will be ready for guests by then.

Mom is doing really well with her walker & wheelchair, and even learning to do steps. Still no weight on the right leg; one of the fractures is in a weird place, so the surgeon is being conservative.

This Tues, they’re having a home evaluation (the Occupational therapist) and bringing mom along, so it’ll be the first time she’s been home since Nov 17. Even just a short visit will do her good. They’ll tell me what equipment & modifications she’ll need, and then I’ll get busy rounding it up. Then a “safe discharge” meeting, and we can actually set a date. I keep mis-speaking & calling it “safe release.”

After the comments we made about the food (honestly, you wouldn’t believe what they serve sick people!) I’m sure they’ll expedite things 😉

Considering how independent Mom is, and how much she enjoys quiet, she’s done really well at the convelescent hospital. But she’s really looking forward to getting home.

Sophia the cat came through her spaying well, and is also eager for a safe release. But she’ll stay in the kitchen until she’s ready to play with the big girls.

Thank goodness Mom doesn’t sit by the window and yowl like Sophia does, but I’m sure there are times she wants to.

I’ve been waiting for the migrating robins to swing by, and it looks like today’s the day. The trees are full of them, and when the frost melt, the lawn will be full of them. They really are quite deafening. I guess they do this each winter.

That’s it for now…

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