Mom’s home

She’s not only home, she’s getting a massage. Balika is wonderful, that’s all I have to say. In fact, mom has a wonderful circle of friends who’ve visited in the hospital, brought food, given massages & breathing lessons, and sent cards. They are quite a bunch. Not to mention CLH & CM, who got her to the hospital in the first place, and took care of her until I was able to get here.

So now, the challenge is to use a walker in a house that’s not set up for it. We’ve battened down (or removed rugs), rearranged furniture, etc. But lots of little things crop up.

Still ┬áno weight bearing on the right foot, so there are lots of things she just can’t do, or are much harder than they normally are. So there’s an attitude adjustment, as well. I’m not sure if my experience being “differently abled” is of any help. But she’s sharp enough to figure out workarounds for most things.

The biggest problem is for someone used to doing for herself to stop & ask for help. And we’ve had a couple go-rounds on that topic.

But we’re both coming to terms with it (the magic words seem to be- this is for 2 wks out of your whole life!) And I’ve got a big shopping list for tomorrow, to do some quantity cooking that can easily be heated. No prepared foods- some things just aren’t negotiable.

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