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Summer in the City

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Caprese on a stick

It has been so long since I’ve posted! Many of you are friends on Facebook, so know a little about what I’m up to, but for those who count on the blog- everything’s OK! No, it’s better than ok, it’s fantastic.

This year, I’m visiting in Toronto, and using it as a base for explorations with TMIML. That’s “The man in my life” who did not sign up to star in my blog, so I’m respecting his privacy.

This last wkend, we went to the Mariposa Folk Festival, which was terrific. The weather was absolutely perfect on Sunday and the performers were top notch. Two things I liked especially were Al Simmons’s act- total goofy genius- and a presentation about a new bio of Steve Goodman, by Clay Eels. (Steve Goodman is the guy who wrote “City of New Orleans” among other songs.)

I’m really enjoying the hot weather. Unlike Port Townsend, there is air conditioning most places. But it’s so nice to be able to wear summer clothes… instead of just the lighter-weight polar fleece.

We’ve spent several weekends in cottage country north of Toronto, and are going up again this wkend, to a camp. It’s quite common for kids to spend a good part of the summer at camp. That seems to be more of a tradition in the East. At any rate, it should be a good time. Maybe I’ll bring some Peeps to roast over the campfire…

That’s all for now!