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car2go in Toronto

I recently signed up for car2go in Toronto (which lets me use them in Vancouver and Calgary as well, but not the US). It’s very similar to the bike rental stations that I’m seeing pop up everywhere. I took my first trip yesterday, so here are my thoughts.

One, it’s a great little car for the city. (Not for Costco trips, however!) The per-minute cost is low, when you consider that you don’t have to pay for: gas, insurance, maintenance, PARKING!

Free parking is available at all the Green P parking lots, of which there are many. And parking fees in Toronto are outrageous.

There are currently 200 smartcars available in town, and there are 2 lots a couple blocks from me. I picked one up (after several errors, I called & was told it was malfunctioning, so walked next door to find another.) Then I drove it downtown to another lot and left it there (another glitch; the machine ate my free parking card & the attendant had to rescue me.)

After a couple hrs of shopping & messing around, I went back to the same lot, and picked one of the 2 cars there (I could have reserved, but chose not to) Hopped in, and away I went (after dealing with the parking attendant again.)

Yes, there are some glitches, but the system is new here. Customer service was very responsive. I think I’ll be using it more, especially for trips downtown, where parking is at a premium.

I love the idea of  having a car when I want one, but not having to pay the overhead for just occasional use.

** Update: car2go just phoned me today to follow up on all the mishaps. They also gave me a 15 minute credit, which was very nice of them. So far, I’m very impressed with the customer service.

*** Am considering taking car2go to the buskerfest down @ St Lawrence market this weekend. I love not having to worry about parking!

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