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It was very quiet in Pt Townsend…

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Because all the usual suspects were partying in San Miguel de Allende, at RB’s casita. For such a small town, Pt Townsend contributes a lot to the winter migration to San Miguel.

It makes sense, because both are small towns with a high percentage of what they call “cultural creatives.” (I recommend that book highly, and yes, I read the whole thing.)

We (all of the above, plus other cultural creatives, including TMIML- the man in my life) had a terrific lunch, and then the pattern shifted, as it always does. Someone comes to town, someone leaves town.

Our next adventure was to Guadalajara, Sayulita & Tlacqepacque. Now we’re back in San Miguel, and not only the cast, but the weather has changed. Last night and tonight, we’re having major thunderstorms, which I love (once all the computers are unplugged.)

And we’re getting ready for visitors… My sister from NH has a friend coming down, and TMIML’s musical partner arrives Thurs for a few days. In the meantime, I’m going to try to make lemon curd. Stay tuned!

* Oh, mom update! She’s back to almost normal, just using a cane until her muscle mass is back. But she can drive & cook & do all the things she did before.  (Still can’t play the violin.) Hooray!

Welcome, Parker James!

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

So, as of last night, I’m a grandma! Here’s the scoop, from Parker’s dad who is a PR guy- of course a very tired and excited one, but he works well under pressure.

Isn’t this a great picture of the new family? They are all three so beautiful. I’m feeling so fortunate that I was able to share in the excitement thru the miracle of internet/skype/and all that.

As much as I love Mexico, my heart is in Seattle right now. Welcome to the world, Parker James, and I’ll be there to hold you in April. XOXO

View from the Ancha

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
View from the Ancha

View from the Ancha

So, I’m in San Miguel (as of 12/28.) Mom is doing much better; she’s got lots of support in place, and home visits by a nurse & PT guy, so we decided it would be ok for me to leave. I still check in almost daily, and things seem to be going well.

I usually get to San Miguel before the crowds, but this time I arrived with the crowd. The season is in full swing, with parties, plays, concerts, films, benefits… way too much for one person to do.

One funny note… My former landlady from Pt Townsend is down this year, with another friend from PT. We all went to “Women’s Night Out” last night (the best networking event in SMA) & were laughing about how well PT was represented. It turned out that sitting next to us was ANOTHER PT woman, whom none of us had met. I know of about 8 PT people here right now, and that’s from a town of about 8,000.

I’m heading for a day spa this afternoon & dinner w/friends followed by a production of  Inherit the Wind at the Biblioteca. Had to miss knitting group at St Paul’s to wait for the internet guy… (yes, this is a typical sort of day… except for the day spa.)

Tomorrow, after Bodega de Sorpresas (little shop of surprises) at the Biblioteca, (weekly thrift shop), I’m hoping to head for El Charco del Ingenio, the botanical garden.

Strasburg redux….

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

So here I am in Virginia again… I was in Toronto, packing to go to Oaxaca, when a call came that my mom had fallen & fractured her pelvis.

So quick change, pack all the long sleeved shirts & jump on a plane. Mom is doing well- a slight fracture, so no operation, only bed rest. Easier said than done w/a lady who’s used to running all kinds of things.

Not least of the fact is that she’s opening a B&B on the farm, there are deadlines looming & she’s doped up on Vicodin. Every time she comes to, she adds to the punchlist until I’m carrying a purse that looks & feels like a boulder.

We’re working it out, and everything will work out. I’m actually amazed @ her support system. People are coming out of the woodwork offering help of all kinds (which is greatly needed.)

In the meantime, I’m keeping the animals alive, the house cleaned & learning to use a Mac (!) Each day I go to see her, she’s looking better.

She’s already chomping at the bit to come home, so I’ll be here until she’s back & settled in, then off to MX as planned.

All in all, I feel fortunate to have the sort of lifestyle that allows for quick changes in plans, and the kind of people in my life who make that possible.  And thank you to the weather gods who are holding back the snow.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!