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Top 10 reasons I may actually be Mexican

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
  1. My favorite clothes sparkle
  2. I think fireworks are a reasonable way to celebrate a funeral
  3. I think fireworks are a perfectly reasonable way to celebrate: funerals, weddings, homecomings, losing 10 lbs, finding your lost dog, etc.
  4. I cried when Tostitos discontinued Chile/Limon tortilla chips
  5. Winter makes me turn gray
  6. I think Doctors & Dentists should answer my questions
  7. I’m perfectly willing to share my favorite tunes w/the whole neighborhood
  8. I could probably live on horchata
  9. Tu, usted & ustedes make perfect sense to me. (You, Ma’am/Sir, Y’all)
  10. Siestas aren’t just a good idea; they’re the law.


Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
Pinata store

Pinata store

It’s 6 AM, and big fireworks are going off, (either that, or it’s a revolution) and church bells are ringing all over the city. What on earth? So I checked the paper, and sure enough, it’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. OK… Anyway, fireworks (even if I can’t see them from here) is a pretty cool way to start the day.

According to the paper, next up is Dec 12 – the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe– one of my favorites. On that day, all little girls (and big girls!) named Guadalupe (Lupe, Lupita, whatever) get to lord it over the rest of us. OLG is omnipresent in Mexico and I expect this will be quite a celebration.

Then comes Posada, Dec 16-24, which is celebrated a bit like trick-or-treating, but also w/a little Mary & Joseph & a burro. I’m hoping that in my n’hood, the tradition is observed. (I did see 2 burros on the street yesterday, but they were working.)

Then Solstice/Yule on the 21st (I’m not sure how/if that will be celebrated here?)

And of course Christmas, followed by Epiphany…

So this is an excellent time of year for the family that runs the pinata shop down the street. The whole shop is filled with all kinds of wrapped candies to go in pinatas, as well as the pinatas themselves. Most of the candies are completely unfamiliar to me, so I got a couple kinds to try. So far, I’m not a fan. But maybe they taste better after they’ve been beaten out of a pinata?

Here’s hoping your December is full of things to celebrate.

Buenos Tardes from San Miguel de Allende!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
Casita Garden

Casita Garden

Yes, dear readers, I finally made it! Got in last night after dark, and have set a new record for sleeping.

What am I doing in San Miguel? Here’s an article that explains it. And here’s where I’m staying. I’ll be adding more pix of my own here.

But mostly, I’m getting away from the snow, and experiencing a different culture. The kind where my landlord’s brother comes to fix the heater & stays to drink tea & tell me about his adventures in OK, being mistaken for a Choctaw Indian. And then goes back to work, across the street b/c that was his lunch break. (He’s a very fine artisan, with his own shop, who did a lot of the metalwork & furniture in the casita.) (more…)