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The Hygge Project

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

The Hygge Project

As a snow-phobic, spending the winter in Toronto is high on the list of things to be avoided. But this year, Toronto it is. Mainly because to qualify for OHIP, (Ontario health insurance) as a new permanent resident, I must spend 5 of the next 6 months in Ontario. Totally worth it, right?

So in lieu of whining and complaining all winter, I’m embracing the Scandinavian concept of hygge. (HOO-gah.) One of those untranslatable words, but “comfy, cozy, togetherness” comes close.

I’ve read countless books, articles, etc about hygge, so now’s my chance to see if I can put it into practice. The really great thing is that in a lot of ways, it matches up with my Primal lifestyle as well.

So instead of a mug of hot chocolate, it’ll probably be a mug of bone broth by the fireside. Stay tuned!