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The Wedding!

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
First Dance

First Dance

I know, blog readers must think that I arrived in Port Townsend & then disappeared somewhere into this rarefied atmosphere. But no, that’s not it.

My son & his wife (!) have been planning a terrific wedding for a year or so now, and that’s one of the reasons I’m back in the PNW. Groom’s moms don’t have a huge role to play, and I can’t take any credit for how well it worked out. (The bride’s family… they are probably still recovering!)

But there were a LOT of people coming from the ends of the earth to celebrate, so I was doing a bit of work on that end, and playing limo driver. It was really terrific to see everyone. And that’s a huge part of a wedding- having the families and friends all together to “witness” the union really is different than just sending out a change of address card.

The wedding was incredible- even the weather cooperated. How often do you get a sunburn in Seattle? I’m sure the out of town guests are spreading rumors even now that Seattle is actually beautiful and blue and warm (ha!)

Here are some of the other photos. Best wishes to Mr & Mrs Voss, who are recuperating in Mexico, far far away, with no cell phones. And I’m settling down with The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Hasta luego!

Website overhaul in progress

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Just wanted to let you all know that with the new year, I’ve decided to take my blog a little more seriously.

Now, it’s still top secret, so don’t tell your friends & family about this blog. It’s just between us, right? I don’t want any scenes like Julie & Julia, where I come home to find myself inundated w/interview requests. You know that would send me running for a panic room.

But I’ve cleaned up the sidebar a little, deleted a few categories, etc. So it doesn’t look so messy. And, at the suggestion of Brad O, my faithful commenter, I added an “About Me” at the bottom, with a picture (not a close-up!) and an email contact.

BTW, for all of you who aren’t commenting, here’s how it works. I’m getting a LOT of spam comments from Russians selling Viagra. At the bottom, under each message is a Comment link, click that.  The FIRST time you leave a comment,  the message will go to me to be approved before it shows. It asks for your email to prove that you’re real; that won’t show on your comment.  After that, you’re free to comment to your little heart’s content.

Because I”m making so many changes, it may look a little goofy for a while. If you see dead links, or I’ve forgotten something that you enjoyed, just let me know.

Astrology alert!

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Well, there’s all sorts of strange stuff going on up there. Yes, it’s another darned Mercury Retrograde (my favorite), until Jan 15. So I will just apologize right now for all the bizarre emails & twitters you’ll be getting. Note to self: the send button is not your friend.

I know there are positive aspects to these retrogrades. Risa D’Angelis, of Night Light News, who is one smart cookie, calls it a chance to reassess & review what’s happened since the last retrograde. (She also says not to make big expenditures, or start new ventures!)

Also, tomorrow, has a bunch of wild stuff. Yes, it’s the last day of the year. It’s also a blue moon (second full moon in a calendar month) AND a lunar eclipse so get out there & watch it!

Astrogrrl has a pretty comprehensive take on all this. Astrocenter seems to think that b/c the lunar eclipse (letting go) is in Cancer (home & family) it will be about divesting in those areas, cleaning up physical & mental clutter.

There is also a little extra tension here in MX. I’ve heard several Mexican nationals say that b/c there were revolutions in 1810 (independence from Spain) and 1910 (kicking out dictator Porfirio Diaz), that they hope 2010 will be quiet.

Yes, astrology may be a bunch of hooey, and you may think I’m a nut. But… you can observe a lot just by watching, as Yogi Berra said.

TGIF #11

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Sorry, mijos, I’m posting this late.

After a quiet day @ the casita, I made up for it by going to:

  1. Yoga @ Belles Artes (a former convent)
  2. Lunch w/new chica/amiga Polly, from Orcas (I know, can you believe it?)
  3. Hanging out @ Centro, reading Atencion & planning next week
  4. Cine- Food, Inc w/Yoga friends from Ottawa Ty-phoo & Paul from Ottawa

Home again, to eat avocados, queso ranchero & several Cuba libres (doing my share for democracy)

  1. Sorry, this is the state of my spiritual health @the moment.
  2. For Vegan-boy
  3. Another for Vegan-boy- my favorite L33+ H4XR
  4. Coffee madness
  5. OK this is too weird

Tomorrow, the plan is to go to Guanajuato.  I have my alarm set…