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Friday, October 30th, 2009
Tofu Chair?

Tofu Chair?

Is it just me, or is that tofu chair really disgusting? Somehow, that actually seems worse than love sacs as  furniture. Or those icky video gaming chairs. Can you imagine if you spilled something in/on  it?

I almost forgot about TGIF; I was out having a great time. Discovered a really great outdoor clothing shop in Woodstock- Blue Canoe Crew. They have these fantastic scarves, sweaters & tops that feel like cashmere-butter (if there were such a thing.) Unfortunately, I have absolutely nowhere to put any new purchases at this point, so I just stood around & stroked them a lot.

I did buy some soap @ the Country Store (one of the yoga farmgirls makes it. Cedar Creek Soaps…) and some buffalo peanuts. What are buffalo peanuts? Well, they’re peanuts w/a coating that’s sweet, salty & hot. They are really really good & barely made it home.

Here’s some fun stuff for your Friday:

Replacing world landmarks w/cheap souvenirs (Maybe it was jet lag, but this had me laughing hysterically.)

Things that make you feel good (just in case we forget)

Carl Sagan- A Glorious Dawn– courtesy of FreeWill Astrology, who’s always coming up w/cool stuff.

Steampunk Workshop– For all of you who forget to ask me what steampunk is, & why I heart it so much.

Dirigible Tours Wouldn’t this be fantastic? And over Monterey Bay?


Friday, October 23rd, 2009
Blogging in Utah

Blogging in Utah

Well, it’s Friday in Moab, UT, same as it is where you are. (Well, except for VVS, who’s in Indonesia, so it’s Saturday.)

Today was the end of the writing workshops, but the activities go on for another couple days. I’m enjoying the writing & learning new skills (especially editing, which you may have noticed that I need!), but really having a lot of fun discussing books. Have an enormous reading list. (Did I tell you I sat next to a woman on the plane who’s getting a Master’s in young adult literature? What are the chances? We were both scribbling down recommendations thru the whole flight.)

Tomorrow I’m going to search for a little Rotary Park which I’ve heard has oversized percussion instruments to play. (And the farmer’s market, the 350 demonstration, the panels & book-signings…) Once again, I’ve come to a place where I know no one & am leaving w/a bunch of very cool new friends. (Including the very cool motel manager who rescued me w/free aspirin. Dude, you may have saved a life.)

Here are some fun links for you:

Anxiety Culture– Try “How to  Stop Worrying” for a starting place.

Dangers of Coffee– BTDT

Life Explained- An oldie but goodie. AKA the Slacker Manifesto

Mom Celebrity Translator– Where can I get one?

Demotivators– It’s Friday, time to laugh about your job (or lack of one)

ToorCon SanDiego– All the L33+ H4X0Rz are there…


Friday, September 25th, 2009



From the look of things, you’d think all I do is celebrate Fridays…Kind of funny, since I’m funemployed.

Here’s what I haven’t been blogging about:

  1. Went to Salem WV, to celebrate my aunt’s 79th birthday. That is one heck of a woman, who deserves a post just about her. She is just a few pounds short of having lost 100 lbs, is learning to drive and has adopted the most spoiled cat in the world. She is the best kind of “church lady” and rarely speaks a bad word about anyone.
  2. Went to Hagerstown, MD & back via Martinsburg WV, (I keep forgetting how close everything is there. This wasn’t even a major expedition!) Visited a really interesting “Green General Store” in M’burg, which is in an old Victorian house. Yummy victuals, too.
  3. The  mater is busy making floral arrangements for a wedding. She committed to that before the awful drought we’ve had (broken today, thank goodness!) We’ve been scrounging all over for flowers. Yoga farmgirl K helped to save the day.

Links o’ the week:

For those of you who (like me) can’t figure out the care tags on your new fancy clothes

Vibrant Kitchen Feng Shui (you know you need it!)

Garden news (where are all the men when you need them?)

Little House in the Suburbs (I admit it- I spend WAY too much time here.)

Oh, and a friend of a friend is driving from Pole to Pole w/his g’friend & 2 dogs.
Vote for him here.


Friday, September 18th, 2009


My favorite Firefox Add-on has to be StumbleUpon (click the logo above.) It’s kind of similar to google’s I’m Feeling Lucky button, except that you can customize the categories that interest you. (I’ve got 28 topics, so things can get quite interesting, as it switches randomly between camping, feminism, hinduism & house music, for example.)

I would recommend a good antivirus program before using StumbleUpon. A couple times I’ve hit a site that has a virus. (I’ve used StumbleUpon a LOT for well over a yr now, so this is not a common occurrence.) If you need an AV program (and if you don’t have one, you DO need one), I use the Avast free program & have been happy with it.

Anyway, Stumbling is a great way to waste a few hours… I’ll share some of my loot:

How to make fire w/a can of coke & a chocolate bar… No, I have not tried this…

A little humor for  all you jobhunters out there

How to fold a fitted sheet!

25 Best Country Song Titles

Happy Friday, everyone. Have a great wkend!